The All*Star Character Library
Maximum Performance at a minimal cost

The AllStar Character Library (ASCL) is a set of standardized character models that
share customizable heads,faces and hairstyles. All characters are under 6000 triangles
which means they render very fast. The fantasy characters have LOD meshes under 2.5k triangle making them very desirable for low end E-PC's and mobile. All ASCL characters can use any publicly available Mecanim Humanoid animations.

Additional Features:

  • 31 unique outfits from 3 genres fantasy, modern and sci-fi
  • 17 different "swappable" shaped face models
  • 38 "swappable" face textures
  • 20 "swappable" hairstyles
  • 16 eyecolors
  • 7 hair colors
  • and over 200 Mecanim animations

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